The Company

LINNIQ Watches is part of the LINNIQ Fashion brand and is a name that commits to providing its customers the highest quality, natural, stylish and unique wooden watches that have been manufactured by combining modern craftsmanship and traditional craftsmanship.

The watches are made from recycled and reclaimed wood because we are aware of the extent of social impact that we have as a business on the environment around us. Our superb order tracking and quality guarantees ensure the 100% satisfaction of our customers that choose to do business with us over and over again.

All designs are original and made of natural wood!

We are proud to bring great designs to you.

LINNIQ is a good combination of Chinese craftsmanship and Japanese movement technology. Wood brings a ray of extraordinary temperature to the wrist. Because of its unique texture, innovative and personalized design, LINNIQ is deeply loved by young consumers. All wood are made of reclaimed and recycled maple, Bamboo, and sandalwood in order to contribute to the green earth and reduce the pollution from metal and rubber.

LINNIQ’s wish, getting you more closer to the beauty of nature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is the shipping cost?

We provide FREE Worldwide shipping! If you want to be sure if we ship to your country, please contact us before you place your order.

Are the watches of good quality?

Our watches are of excellent quality. Our partner in China has been making quality watches for more than 25 years from recycled wood and japanese movement technology.

Don’t let the perception that everything that is made in China is bad fool you. Many well know brands are made in China. Our partners review score of 98.6% proofs that customers are happy with their watch and the quality.

Make use of our 100 days return guarantee to see the quality of the watches yourself. We know you will be impressed!

What if I am not satisfied?

If for some reason, you are not satisfied with our product, you can return it to us within 100 days from purchase. The watch needs to be unused and in the original box. After we receive it and checked it on damage, we will refund you 100%.

How does the 1 year warranty work?

Each wood watch by LINNIQ is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material or workmanship at the time of delivery for a period of no longer than twelve months. To maintain this limited warranty, the product must be operated and maintained in accordance with the care and operation instructions. Abuse, mechanical damage, alterations, or scratches due to abnormal wear are not covered by the LINNIQ limited warranty. Further, LINNIQ will not be responsible for loss or damage connected to the use of its product nor the life of the battery. If you purchased your watch within one year and you need it repaired, simply visit our warranty claim page to request an RMA number. Upon completing this form, we will review your request. Please allow up to 24 hours to review your information. Once your RMA is approved, we will send you an RMA number and shipping instructions via email. If the repair request is due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair/replace the timepiece free of charge and cover the return shipping. Return shipping will reimbursed in the following manner:

  • For United States based customers, we will provide return shipping service if your RMA was issued within 90 days of your original order.
  • For customers outside of the United States, you will be responsible for returning the watch back to our facility; however, we will reimburse you up to $20.00 USD for the shipping if your RMA was issued within 90 days of your original order. A valid postage receipt should included in the RMA box or a scanned copy sent to

If the watch was deemed to be damaged due to misuse, our watchmakers will repair/replace the timepiece for a nominal fee. Our team will inform you of the repair fee prior to processing your

Does international shipping include customs charges?

Unfortunately, duties and taxes are not included in the price of your watch purchase. Though we offer shipping via UPS International, we are unable to pay any duties, taxes, or fees that may be charged as we are unaware of what the exact costs will be from country to country. If you wish to learn about potential fees in your country, it is best to contact your local postal service or customs office.

What is your return/exchange policy?

EXCHANGES WITHIN 15 DAYS OF DELIVERY We will exchange your watch free of charge. We just ask that you cover the shipping fee back to us. Simply complete an RMA requestand return the undamaged product to us along with the original box and all included cards. REFUNDS WITHIN 15 DAYS OF DELIVERY We will refund your complete purchase (less any shipping, customization, engraving, & sizing fees). Simply complete an RMA request and return the undamaged product to us along with the original box and all included cards. AFTER 15 DAYS, BUT WITHIN 3 MONTHS We will exchange your watch or refund your order (less any shipping, customization, engraving, & sizing fees). We will charge a flat 15% restocking fee. Complete an RMA request and return the undamaged product to us along with the original box and all included cards.

Will I get any allergies to my wood watch?

LINNIQ watches use only 100% natural wood and we refrain from the use of toxic chemicals to either treat or protect the wood.

For any client that experiences discomfort (itching or rash) on their wrist after wearing a LINNIQ watch, we suggest you stop wearing the watch and consult your doctor.

Nickel Allergies
LINNIQ watches feature stainless steel (304) clasps for those who may have nickel allergies. Please see the below study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (
In 1994, a study of nickel release and allergic contact dermatitis from nickel-plated metals and stainless steels was published in this journal. It was shown that low-sulfur stainless steel grades like 304 release less than 0.03 microgram/cm2/week of nickel in acid artificial sweat and elicit no reactions in patients already sensitized to nickel.

How can I take care of my watch?

With proper care, your wood watch can be worn for many years to come.

The biggest enemy of wood is sudden changes in temperature and humidity. This means if you leave your watch in a car on a hot sunny day, the high temperature has the ability to swell the wood and cause it to crack. Same with leaving it in the car on a particularly cold day or night, the cold will shrink the wood, putting pressure against the glass and pins and could cause breakage at those points.

Humidity control is also important. Too much and the wood will absorb the water and swell, too little and it will dry out the wood and shrink. Swelling and shrinking increase the possibility of cracking at the time and in the future.

SO, when you are not wearing your watch be sure that it is inside, and also protected in either its original packaging OR in a watch or jewelry box to protect it from an overly wet or dry environment.

Additionally, the best thing you can do for the wood of your watch is make sure it is properly conditioned, protecting the wood from the elements. We recommend Tung Oil or Lemon oil both of which can be found at hardware stores, or online.

Using a soft cloth, pour 1 teaspoon of your chosen oil on to the cloth and then use the cloth over the surface of the wood, buffing slightly. This will aid in keeping your watch clean and conditioned and will increase the luster.

Are all watches waterproof?

LINNIQ watches are considered to be splash proof. Normal wear and use can include kitchen activities, a day on the beach, the gym, etc. However, full submergence in water is not recommended both for the integrity of the movement and the wood itself. Excessive moisture exposure can result in a diminished flexibility in the bands wood links. If this occurs, allow the watch to dry for 1 to 2 days to allow the wood links to dry and return to their natural size.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Because LINNIQ watches are handmade, we keep a very low stock. Normally it takes no longer than 14 days to receive your order. The time is also displayed on the product page. During busy seasons the time can vary. Keep that in mind when you want your order to arrive on time for birthday’s or holidays.

I want more than one watch, can I get a discount?

We are more than happy to give you a discount when you want to buy more than one watch. Depending on the quantity the discount will vary. Please contact us and tell us the watches you want to buy.

I have a store, can I sell your watches?

Yes ofcourse, we welcome dealers from all over the world. If you want to sell our products online, in a local store or market, we can provide you wholesale prices. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Is Using Wood Bad for the Environment?

No, actually the opposite! All wood are made of reclaimed and recycled maple, Bamboo, and sandalwood in order to contribute to the green earth and reduce the pollution from metal and rubber.