About LINNIQ Watches - The Company

LINNIQ Watches is part of the LINNIQ Fashion brand and is a name that commits to providing its customers the highest quality, natural, stylish and unique wooden watches that have been manufactured by combining modern craftsmanship and traditional craftsmanship.

The watches are made from recycled and reclaimed wood because we are aware of the extent of social impact that we have as a business on the environment around us. Our superb order tracking and quality guarantees ensure the 100% satisfaction of our customers that choose to do business with us over and over again.

All designs are original and made of natural wood!

We are proud to bring great designs to you.

LINNIQ is a good combination of Chinese craftsmanship and Japanese movement technology. Wood brings a ray of extraordinary temperature to the wrist. Because of its unique texture, innovative and personalized design, LINNIQ is deeply loved by young consumers. All wood are made of reclaimed and recycled maple, Bamboo, and sandalwood in order to contribute to the green earth and reduce the pollution from metal and rubber.

LINNIQ’s wish, getting you more closer to the beauty of nature.

About - The Owner

Since my youth I have been fascinated by watches. My personal collection speaks for it self. Not only does it tell you the time (duh), but it’s part of how you dress, how you feel and how you present yourself to the world. A watch is more than just telling you how late it is.

With that in mind and because entrepreneurship is in my blood, LINNIQ Watches was born.

Why wooden watches you may ask?

The link was easily made. My father is a carpenter and together we have a brick and mortar business in which we also work a lot with wood. So handmade wooden watches just perfectly fit in what we do and stand for. The fact that no trees are cut and we actually help saving the enviremont with this makes it a match made in heaven.

We are a company dedicated to handmaking a variety of watches. With an unwavering commitment to authenticity, innovation, and next-level craftsmanship, We are a world-class creator of watches and accessories, advancing the limits of what wood and steel can achieve.

We share a love for one-of-a-kind designs, painstakingly preserving the character and patterns ingrained in each piece of timber, which means every timepiece is one of its kind.

That means, the watch you buy here is UNIQUE!

All the best
Nico D.B.
Owner LINNIQ Watches