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The new Lawson collection is already here! This quartz Lawson Franklin 38 model, designed with simplicity and elegance, is truly a cherry on the cake. Comes in different sizes and band colors, has a stainless steel back for a personalized engraving.

Ideal Has Never Been Closer

Have you ever come across a thing that is impossible to resist? Meet the Lawson Jefferson 38! Run by the vibration of a quartz crystal (32,786 times per second) under current to keep possibly accurate time. You will feel absolutely over the moon with it, we guarantee!

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Japanese Movement

The first association that comes to one’s mind with the phrase “a good wristwatch” is naturally a one made somewhere in Japan. Do you want to know what makes Japanese watches stand out?

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Apart from sales watches, we are keeping a blog where we post useful tips on how to choose and maintain wrist watches and jewelry, and many other topics to educate and entertain our readers.

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